Complete Guide on How to Defog Windshield of The Car Faster

Driving is a skill but driving is not only knowing how to speed up or speed down your vehicle. Safety measures are also an essential factor in it. Like proper use of hand brakes, fastening seat belts, and more. One of the crucial issues drivers faces while driving is fog on their windshield. One must remove fog from their windshield to avoid disruption in driving. Unfortunately, not every driver knows the proper and easiest ways to defog the windshield.

Fog is a common hurdle for drivers during the winter season. As we all have an idea, when the cold breeze from outside comes and touches the windows and due to the heater inside the car, it produces condensation. This fog can rapidly lower visibility. Additionally, it can be a real issue when you commit to reaching somewhere on time.

We will guide how to remove fog or defog a windshield and windows from the outside temperature and some necessary fog prevention.

Why Car Windows Fog Up

Have you ever thought about why your vehicle windows fog up?
There are multiple reasons you might perceive. Mostly, drivers don’t feel comfortable navigating roads with foggy windshields or windows. Fog creates resistance in your vision. It makes it very difficult to observe when driving at night or in the daytime. And, It is very harmful that drivers can not focus on what is in front of them.

Facts Behind Foggy Windows

There are numerous facts behind foggy windows in cars. We discuss it below in brief detail.


The difference between the outside and inside of your increased moisture makes the fog denser.

Grubby Windshield

If your windshield is grubby it will attract water particles. So if your windshield is not clear, there are more chances to get your windows fogged up.

Air quality

Old vehicles in 0f 90s have poor cabin filters so air quality affects them because they are enabled to regulate it.

Number of Passengers in the Car

Mainly fogging happens because of passengers’ body heat and breath. So, the higher the number of passengers in your vehicle, the chances of fog are greater.

Steps to Wipe Out Fog From Your Car Windows and Windshield

There is a process to follow to wipe out fog from your car windows and windshield. In the winter season, there are chances of a lower humidity point, because cool air commonly has less moisture than warm air.

Steps to Follow for Defogging :

Turn on the Heat in High Mode

Firstly, When you start your car, turn the heater on at high mode. Because high heat will absorb moisture from the car’s interior and there are lesser chances for fog.

Air Conditioning

Turn on your car’s air conditioner. It looks like it would make the windows and windshield foggier, but it helps the environment to absorb more moisture.

Turn off Air Recirculation

Thirdly, Using the air recirculation option is very helpful for defogging the windows and windshield of your car.

Open the Windows by Inches

Lastly, open the windows with just inches. It should not be comfortable and disturbing for the driver and passengers, but it’s just for 10 seconds. You should open your car windows to defog the windshield speedily.

Preventive Measures for a Foggy Windshield?

In this article, you have gone through the process of defogging. Now you can easily eliminate fog from your car. There are a few products to use that can help you to prevent the windows and windshield from fogging up.

1- Use high-quality ammonia-free glass cleaner
2- Use Alcohol-based spray to clear the glass surface.
3- Keep a Microfiber towel with you and use it at the time of fog.
4- Monthly take care of the auto glass and windshield repair and replacement.