A Guide To Remove Stickers From Auto Windows and Windshields Glass

A Guide To Remove Stickers From Auto Windows and Windshields Glass

Stickers affixed to the car windows and windshields are not easily removed. Even they damage the window and windshield because you try to peel them with a cutter. Kids mostly stick the stickers on the windshield to entertain themselves or stick state park registration stickers on the car. But if these stickers or tickets are affixed on your car glass for so long, then it is tough to remove the stickers. As we all know, it certainly looks easy to take off the sticker, but it sometimes becomes very critical. Some drivers love to modify their cars with stickers. These stickers are adhesive and stick firmly with the auto glass.

Windshield or window stickers are a great way to customize your vehicle. But after a few months, they get rough and lose their appealing looks. You want to modify or personalize your car with new stickers. Now, you need the process of removing stickers without damaging your window and windshield glass.  

We will guide you on effectively removing a sticker from a car window and windshield. Numerous methods follow the correct procedure to peel off the stickers, and we stipulate proper guidelines for “how to remove stickers from window glass” and residuary left behind by stickers. Cleaning your car thoroughly is also a great idea to remove the stickers from your car glass. After cleaning, use a  polish to enhance your car’s brightness, giving it a new look to your car.

Step for Stickers Removal from auto Glass :

  • Peel the Sticker
  • Use Soapy Solution and Warm water
  • Liquid Fabric Softener
  • Ammonia Based Solution
  • Use Alcohol
  • A bucket and piece of cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Use scraper

Step 1: Start Peeling  off the Sticker

When you are ready to peel off the sticker from the auto glass, Start it from a corner and pull it off diagonally. Please make sure that the sticker will come off in one go. If it tears, it will create a problem.

Step 2: Use Soapy Solution and Warm Water

Use a soapy solution. This solution includes a mixture of water and shampoo or soap, which contain no chemical that harms your auto window or windshield. Take an empty bucket and fill it with this solution and warm water with proper proportion. At this stage, the sticker’s adhesiveness weekend can be easily removed.

Step 3: Mix Fabric Softener with Warm Water

Fill the bucket again that you used initially now, and pour it with warm water and liquid softener. Wet a piece of cloth in the bucket and start cleansing the affected part with it.

Step 4: Used Ammonia Based Solution

 Suppose that the fabric softener solution didn’t work. Please don’t worry. Buy the best ammonia-based solution like Windex. Apply it for five minutes, then dry it with a paper towel. Don’t be hard.

Step 5: Use a Razor Blade

If these steps didn’t support your sticker removal goal and you fail to remove the adhesiveness of the sticker. Now it’s the right time to use a razor blade. You can easily buy that razor type from a store or an auto shop. Just one thing must keep in mind use the blade properly. Otherwise, it will damage your window or windshield.

Step 6. Use Alcohol

We are sure the above solutions will help you get rid of stickers; however, fix the adhesiveness if you are still facing this issue. Try alcohol and rub it with a soft towel piece.

Step 7: Wash it with Clean Water and Dry

Yay! You did it. The last step you have to do is wash your car with some clean water, dry it, and polish it with a cleanser or detailing spray.

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