An Ultimate Guide to Apply and Clean Car Glass Tinting Film

Nowadays, car glass Tinting is very much in demand many car owners wish to apply car glass tinting film. There are two basic facts about applying to tint. Firstly, Drivers with protection from the sun’s heat and harmful Ultra Violate rays inside the vehicle. Secondly, the tinted car gives an alluring look that makes attraction. In this article, we will guide every thick and thin about applying and cleaning your tinted car windows.

It is a very simple and easy process. But every vehicle owner does not know how to apply and clean car glass tinting.

Benefits of windows Tinting

Before starting the process of applying and cleaning the car windows tinting. We will share the core advantages of the tinted car. One of the major advantages of window tinting is that it percolates heat and rays more effectively than regular car windows. So, the inside interior of your vehicle protects from damage and fading in hot weather. It gives you security and privacy.

How to Apply Auto Glass Window Tinting Film

Before discussing window tinting, we check California state laws about car glass tinting. 70% vehicle tinting is allowed in the law. Now, we will guide step by step procedure of window tinting application.

Clean Your Glass

Firstly, use a scrub sponge to clean your auto glass completely. It is very important to thoroughly clean the glass because dust remains on the glass causing bubbles in the tinting film.  

Then dry it with a low-lint fabric. Clean the gap between the glass and the seal as much as possible.

Use Transparent Tape

Use two pieces of transparent tape to apart the film from the liner. Stick tape half on the film corner and half on the edge of the gasket. This liner is only for protection. It will be removed at one stage.

Use Solution of Water and Soap

Used water and soap-based solution. Spray it on the surface of the glass till the whole is wet.

Film Extension

Extend the film on the window. Use a new blade or cutter to cut the extra glass tinting film. The film must extend a half inch from the top and the edge of the window seal.

Use of Cutter

Use the cutter to cut the upended side of the glass. Try to hold the cutter lightly at a low angle. Do not apply stress while cutting, it can cause damage to the window glass.


Trimming is one of the sensitive steps while applying tint. Open the door of your car, before trimming the top edge of the film. Now you pull the film from the bottom of the glass and roll down the window glass about two and a half inches. You can easily trim the extra part of the window film from the top.

Remove Tape Carefully

 In this step, you can remove the tape pieces from the clear liner. Carefully detach the two layers to divulge the adhesiveness. Now, spray the newly exposed space with water and soap solution.

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Expert Hands

Use expert hands to avoid bubbles any wrinkles. The film and top of the glass must have a ⅛-inch gap. Fold the bottom edge of the film to keep away dust.

Dry and Respray

Now, roll up the window glass and dry it. After this respray, the bottom part of the glass with the solution and dry it again to make it cleaner. Check whether the film is completely under the gasket or not.

Get Set to Apply the Film

Apply some pressure from one side of the window to the other, until the whole water is wiped out from under the tinted window film. Check and verify the bubbles. In the end, cover with a smooth fabric piece around the sturdy corner of the squeegee and tightly parch the window by moving it downward. Clear any extra solution on the window or interior surface of the car.


Please! Do not roll down the windows for three to four days after applying car glass tinting film. This will give the film time to well enough adherence.

How to Clean Window Tinting Film

Window tinting film is very sensitive and can get damaged by chemicals in ordinary glass cleaners and germicidal sprays. So it’s necessary to use proper cleaning methods for your car windows film.

 Avoid Window Rolling Down

After getting your car tinting, the film needs 3 to 4 days to fully adhere to the surface of your car glass. At that time, you should not roll down the glass of your windows. Don’t use any solution or cleaner during this period because it can less the adherence of the film to your auto glass.

Avoid Household Cleaners

Avoid using household cleaners for window glass tinting films. They are ammonia-based and have many chemicals which can damage the film completely. You must confront using sponges and scrubs. If required you can use warm water and low lint fabric to clean the films.

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Clean the Weather Strips

Mostly, vehicle owners have no idea about the rubber gasket that wraps around their car windows. When the glass of your windows rolls up and down, dust and other particles are stuck in that strip and can be a reason for the scathe of your window film. You must clean this area thoroughly.

Tips From the Professionals

These few tips and tricks are mentioned by professionals.

  1. Avoid using paper towels while cleaning the window’s film because tiny particles of that towel can cause minor bubbles under the tinting film.
  2. Always use low lint fabric to clean the windows and seals.
  3.  You don’t need to buy a solution from any store; you can make your own solution with water and soap. Mix a small amount of soap and shampoo in water and your solution is ready to clean the window film.
  4. Windshields films are more complex than windows films. Try to it’s necessary to cut the film into multiple pieces smaller.  Professionals usually suggest cutting them into 8-inch strips.